About me

Hello everyone.
I am going to wirte about me. I actually made this blog 2 months ago but it is the first time to write something. It is little late because I am a lazy person. Being lazy is my weakness in my daily life but it is also my strong point. I will explain about it later.

I am a sophomore at BUFS and my major is English. I have liked English since I was a elementry school student. I do not remember clearly why I liked English but I can guess that my English teacher was great and I liked her. I had learned English under her teaching for 4 years and I could be familiar with the language 'English' thanks to her. In my English history which is not very old, there were always the teachers who were respected by me in many ways and gave me an inspiration, passion and persistence. Even though I still have a long way that I have to go learning English, I have a confidence to do well.

About my personality.

As I said on top, I am a lazy person. Being lazy affects every part of my daily life from having a meal to doing assighment. Most parts of being lazy have a bad effect but there are also a good effect on something like the works that I have to do but I do not want to do right now. It is, of course, annoying because of the cram but I can do the works very well in a short time. This is the same context that there is the word that people usually produce the best power when they are encounting a extreme situation. This is how I treat my work. Don't misunderstanding, it is just applied only few works, not all of the works. Second, I really do not like a war. The war just means the fights or hatred. It does not like a real war that happens between the countries. I try to get rid of my prejudice when I see people. That is the first step to keep the peaceful between me and other person. Next, I would rather be damaged or endure discomfort myself than talk to other people that I am annoyed. I do not want to be trouble with somebody. My friends always say that they cannot understand about my attitude but I feel more comfotable to do this way and it is how I live peacefully.